Friday, July 18, 2008

Simple Mapper

With the recent mapping craze this past decade and the fascination with AJAX tiling, a serious deficiency has been a simple mechanism to produce a black & white line map with points to mark collection locations for use in an outgoing manuscript. While at the recent American Arachnological Society meetings at Berkeley, California, I casually mentioned in a presentation I gave about the Nearctic Spider Database that someone should make such a service. Well, I made least the start of one, right HERE.

I know, I know, yet another mapping service. But, this one serves a very specific purpose. It could no doubt be expanded and made more customizable such as different points for multiple species (a bit tougher) and an option to use a global map instead (trivial), but it's a start to producing something that hopefully satisfies a very different need.


David Shorthouse said...

Thanks to a note to Entomo-L from Derek Sikes, I was alerted to a service that already exists: This is excellent, but could do with some simplifications.

Dodgy said...

This is a fabulous program!

However, it seems to be restricted to North America. Could it be extended to a global map?

David Shorthouse said...

That's on my list of to-dos. I also received some feedback that publishers may wish to see graticules so I'll see about doing that as an option as well.