Saturday, August 21, 2010

Reference Parser Revived

Many moons ago, I once developed a tool that does real time discovery of scientific references using a combination of the aged (though still very useful) ParaTools and CrossRef's OpenURL service. With the demise of my server, this bit of code was lost. I just revived the code and functionality and provide it here for anyone else to take it and refine it UPDATE: parsing is now executed with a Ruby gem: This location is not likely to persist so get it while you can. To get a sense of what it does, here are some verbatim references. Click the magnifying glass after each reference to experience the magic. Cross-domain AJAX requests are circumvented by using jQuery's clever JSONP handling.

Bell, C. D., & Patterson R. W. (2000). Molecular phylogeny and biogeography of Linanthus (Polemoniaceae). American Journal of Botany. 87, 1857-1870.

Epling, C., & Dobzhansky T. (1942). Genetics of natural populations. VI. Microgeographic races in Linanthus parryae. Genetics. 27, 317-332.

Epling, C., Lewis H., & Ball F. M. (1960). The Breeding Group and Seed Storage: A Study in Population Dynamics. Evolution. 14, 238-255.

Similarly, this can be done with an input box. Paste a reference and press enter: