Sunday, March 16, 2008

Where's David?

It has been an exceptionally long time since the last post. But, there were a few life-changing events that took precedence.

For starters, I'm now the WorkBench project leader for the Encyclopedia of Life and am living on Cape Cod with my family.

The Canadian Arachnologist and Spider WebWatch sites are stilled served from a desktop server. But, I have passed the editorial torch for the newsletter to Dr. Robin Leech.

I am also in the midst of buying my first home, which is no end of fun. Banks are quick to take your money, but aren't so quick to give it away, especially if your credit rating is invisible from the other side of an international border.

Just to prove that I have been toying with new things, here's a list containing a taste of things to come with the EOL WorkBench, which by the way I'm pushing for a rename. I'll let you fill in the blanks... ;)~

jQuery multiple autocomplete

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