Thursday, May 17, 2007

Remixing the Web

There's a new social networking application on the horizon that quite frankly, scares me. If you thought Facebook, MySpace, and other social networking applications or systems were pervasive & viral, wait 'til Zude hits the scene. If you want a preview of the capabilities and have ~15-20 minutes to spare, I urge you to check out the ZDNet preview video: David Berlind hinted that a beta of Zude would be available May 1st, but this hasn't yet happened. Marketing ploy to generate more interest? Not yet ready? No matter. When this appears, it'll completely change the landscape on the Internet and we'll collectively have to think very seriously about copyright and content ownership. Regardless of what happens on those fronts, it sounds as if a third party can license the drag-drop functionality in Zude. This has direct relevance to the MyEoL environment in The Encyclopedia of Life.

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